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Is Miami a nice place to live?

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  • 2 months ago

    It depends on your personality and preferences.

  • 3 months ago

    I have lived in Miami my whole life. Basically if you have money and live in a good location ( brickell, midtown, South beach, coconut grove, Gables) and have a decent job (not saying rich just enough to have a place and some money to blow) youll have a good time. You'll have to find things apart from clubbing to do if youre not bursting with disposable income but there is plenty of other things to do. Spanish is a must, not mastery but enough to know hpw tp get around. Id say with beginner spanish youre fine. Something important also for some people is diversty, maimi is not diverse. It is majority minority sure but id say that roughly 80-85% of people are white hispanic people, but if you dont really care which most dont then its not even worth noting.

  • 3 months ago

    Only if you are Hispanic.

    If you are not Hispanic, you'll hate it there. All you hear all day is latino music. All you see all day are Latinos.

    I know I'll never go back there. I thought the place was nice, but didn't care for the people or cultire

  • 3 months ago

    Many people enjoy living there. It depends on your personality and preferences.

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Yeah if you are a senior citizen

  • Rick
    Lv 6
    3 months ago

    It's expensive and humid ..............and then there's the hurricanes ................

  • 3 months ago

    i dont live in miami

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