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Can you list all of Trump's crimes?

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    He has BEEN In violation of the Emoluments clause from DAY ONE.......for not divesting himself of his businesses as the LAW requires.

    He has BEEN in violation of NEPOTISM laws, from DAY ONE giving positions to his children and son in law.

    He LIED , while standing on Air Force One , about the Stormy Daniels affair and was PROVEN, under oath, by Cohen, to be a LIAR.

    He committed campaign finance fraud by not disclosing these payments,

    He openly suggested using HIS golf resort for the next G-7 meeting, in CLEAR violation of the emoluments clause.

    Mike Pence had official state Business in DUBLIN......and stayed at a TRUMP resort, on the OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY. Were there NO suitable hotels in DUBLIN?

    He forged and doctored an official NOAA weather map, with a black sharpie.....which is against the law.

    That was a blatant attempt to mislead the American IMPEACHABLE offense.

    I would go on...........but I doubt any of this matters to Trump supporters.....who really don't care just how many laws he's actually breaking every single day.

    Because he's TRUMP! So it's all good.

    If Hillary did half of this..........she'd already be impeached.

    • Weasel McWeasel
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      @ Grace of a born idiot.........go troll somewhere else. I'm not gonna waste my time answering your stupidity.

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    He has not committed any crimes. 

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    Starts with that hideous head of hair.

    • @Weasel son of an idiot - instead of evadingnfrom reality and whining retarded nonsense go troll somewhere else. I'm not gonna waste my time answering your stupidity.

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    NO... and neither can you or there would already be legal repercussions toward him. THE DEMS HAVE NOTHING, NO PROOF of anyway he has broken the law. IF there were any proof the DEMS WOULD HAVE ALREADY USED IT and pressed the charges..

    • Alucard
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      I do believe the Mueller commission said there was evidence of possible obstruction the Mueller report did not say for a fact that there was obstruction. If anyone is guilty of any sort of obstruction it would be the Democrats. They are the lowest life form on the face of the Earth

  • ron h
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    2 months ago

    The easiest to list, and probably the most important is obstruction of justice.  He was very effective at that. If we can eject him from office in the next couple of years, he can be charged and jailed.  And right now, it looks like he abused American military aid to Ukraine, looking to force that country to invent some crime by Joe Biden's son  As it happens, Ukraine is under military attack by Russia TODAY.  So, using American resources to try to force Ukraine to help him with his campaign.  (Rudy Jugliani admitted that on live TV last night, as he had done several months ago). 

  • Joseph
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    The women were promised a woman president. Trump won the election. The women feel cheated. They will blame him and find fault with him through indirect attacks until the day he dies and beyond. But he finds that sort of thing amusing.

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    he is unemployed person

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    Dont matter i dont like him at all

    • @Jeff - almost all libtard leftist liars who attack Trump are like this.They are all tds victim who favors,feeling over fact. They are all envious of the success of the Capitalist nations and free world which is in direct conflict to what they were taught in their retarded communist led colleges.

  • Anonymous
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    Allowing a foreign entity and the No. 1 enemy of America to interfere in our elections and doing nothing about it, refusing to divest from his businesses which is a clear violation of the Constitution, insulting people including his own party, Democrats, and the media for not bowing down to him like he’s Adolf Hitler the 2nd, being a complete and utter racist against anyone who isn’t white, having a gold digger former hooker as a wife, obstructing an investigation many times and threatening anyone who tells the truth. How many more do you need?

    • ron h
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      Demented Old Sarge:  Youcomplain about the cost of Mueller's work, which WOULD HAVE BEEN LESS EXPENSIVE if the shitgibbon hadn't been obstructing,  But As of July 2019, so far Trump’s golf trips have cost at least $105 million  FOR VACATIONS FOR THE DICTATOR.!!!!!!!

  • Lolly
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    2 months ago

    -Conspiracy against the USA

    -Election Fraud

    -Wire Fraud


    -Bank Fraud

    -Computer Crimes/Theft

    -Computer Crimes/Espionage


    -Identity Theft

    -Obstruction of Justice

    -Witness Tampering


    -Making False Statements



    -Money Laundering

    -Tax Evasion

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