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There are reportedly 250,000 homeless people in the UK but 600,000 empty homes: Is capitalism the problem?

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    It’s allowing people to own multiple properties as much as anything else. Slap them with a massive take and double community charge, that should bring house prices down and allow more people to buy.

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    no - the free market is

    (in the 60-70's there was a huge tower office block in london (centre point) But it was intentionally kept empty for years.


    cos the value of office space depends on how much you can charge/sq ft for it

    the problem is- once you have rented it out then the value/sqft is fixed until the end of the lease

    At that time the cost of office space in london was increasing at a rate more than interests rates

    So the value of the building was increasing more as a result of increasing cost/sqft - than the interest you were ;paying on the loan to build the block

    result was - you were making more by keeping it empty than you would by renting out space

    It was empty for YEARS

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    I know homeless people who don't want homes. I know people who look homeless, who I know have homes. On my lunch I sit out and eat and watch the beggars asking for money or cigarettes, many seem to have designer clothing on and don't look dirty or unshaven. I see them intimidating people, including myself. My friend suggested we create a leaflet and whenever we get asked for money hand one out, directing them to where they can get help.

    I'm not saying there aren't genuine homeless people who need help, but I'm very sceptical of the ones I see in my town.

  • ricky
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    2 months ago

    Some reports say 200,000. 250,000 are not involved in capitalism, that’s the problem. These same people do as well as anyone under communism.

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  • 2 months ago

    The state places such strict limitations on landlords that it's not surprising if rental properties are hard to find. And now the Labour party is saying it would FORCE landlords to sell to their tenants!!!

    If I owned property that I was renting, I'd give my tenants notice TODAY and never rent it again.

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    Yes, capitalism is indeed the problem. Houses are built to make a profit, and it's absurd that there are homeless people and empty houses and unemployed building workers.

  • Biff
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    2 months ago

    Part of the problem is that some homeless people resist moving to the areas where the vacant homes are. It is in those areas the government's contractors find homes to place refugees who have been granted asylum and are just grateful to have a home regardless of where it is.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Landlords often won't let to people on benefits that's more of the problem.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Most of the empty homes are owned by local authorities, they are held in reserve for immigrants.

  • Gerald
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    2 months ago

    of course it is but if you are OK why bother that is capitalism they have themselves to blame it was 300 years ago and still is its 1700 going on 2019 exactly the same but with better tools

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