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How to care for neutered male kitten?

I have a five month old male kitten who was just neutered yesterday. His behavior has been completely abnormal. He growls and hisses constantly, and I've never heard him do either since I adopted him. He keeps licking at the glue, and when I tried to put a cone on him, he went ballistic, screaming and running around and crashing into things like he'd completely lost his mind. Woke up today to find he'd licked off most of the glue around the incision and he sounds like he's going to throw up. When I tried to touch him to try the cone again, he started biting and clawing my hand and ran off to hide. The other cats I've had were already neutered when I adopted them, so I'm at a loss as to what I should do. Does anyone have any ideas?

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  • 2 months ago

    you need the cone, and of course he is angry with you. He knows something changed and he doesn't like it. They often do. cat will resist any idea of going to the vet now, if he is smart, and most are smart.

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    2 months ago

    Forget the cone, check with the vet if the wound is ok, a neutered male usually has no problems, it is not a very big wound site.

  • Ocimom
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    2 months ago

    Call the vet now and ask what you need to do with the kitten.

  • Maxi
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    2 months ago

    Ummmmmm, yes certainly cats will not like a cone ( many dogs don't either) you can get or make a padded collar, simply by taping a length of foam pipe lagging around its collar, which will stop the cat licking it however you should contact the vet if hes consistantly licking/nibbling at the glue..... with males it is a very simple op and they are normally 'back to normal' within hours, but if he won't leave it alone he is going to cause a secondary infection...at least phone your vet for advice

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  • In
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    2 months ago

    Wouldn't you be pissed off if a friend of yours cut off your junk? The cone of shame should not have come off until the incision had healed more. He will probably calm down in a few days as the pain starts to lessen.

  • Nathan
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    2 months ago

    He might of developed an infection or could be in pain. Typically they will be a bit uncomfortable for up to a week - I suggest not interacting with him as much and letting him come to you if he does want attention. If this does not change after a week, or he develops other symptoms then I suggest calling your vet

  • 2 months ago

    Probably still hung over from the anaesthetic, plus in the back of his mind he's annoyed with you for shoving him into a box, lugging him to a strange place full of strange smells and strange people and letting him be manhandled by strangers.

    The cone should have stayed on until the vet said it was okay to remove it. I'm not surprised he doesn't fancy the idea now.

    Anyway, leave him in a quiet room with food and water etc. If it looks like the wound is opening again then straight back to the vet he goes. I might add that cats heal with lightning speed and his was a tiny procedure compared with spaying a female.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    1) Cats are usually given ketamine as part of the anesthetic protocol. It can make some cats CRAZY and it can take awhile to get it out of their system. There is often what is called the "excitement" stage. I've heard cats sound like they were having their limbs ripped off when coming out of anesthesia.

    2) Being at the vet can really piss off some cats too. I mean tick them off for a good couple days.

    I honestly would just leave him alone for half a day and see how he does. I mean put him in your room, close the door and leave him be.

    If he's still nuts-o by this afternoon, it's time to contact the vet.

    P.S. Are his eyes dilated? If yes, that's the drugs still in his system.

  • 2 months ago

    Get straight back to the vet, for starters. Normally with castration, painkillers shouldn't be needed as this isn't an invasive surgery like spaying is. However, it sounds as if this poor young kitten has freaked out over what's been done to him, too young in my opinion. If he's been licking at the wound, chances are they may need restitching (unless surgical glue was all that was used?). In any case it does need to be rechecked. And your vet may give him pain relief, or a light sedation at least to get him through the first few days post-surgery. Or they may even decide to keep him in for a few nights.

    You paid for the op, you are entitled to be ok with the result.

  • patty
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    2 months ago

    take to the vet. He may need to stay for a few nights till his wound heals.

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