Did you learn maths and English all day to get good GCSE'S?

I have a crap memory. I usually spend 4 hours studying. I don't know if it's enough

So I'm wondering how long you all studied for? Is all day to much for someone to do it.


I've also left school now and didn't take GCSE'S I was in a special needs class.

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  • 10 months ago
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    Find similar questions and tasks and spend all your study time trying to solve them one by one. The purpose is to train your brain for these specific tasks. 

    You don't have to study all day long, but you have to set some small goals every day to achieve before the test. 

    Don't forget to take breaks, drink enough water, walk on fresh air, and to have a good sleep.

    • Good advice. A student can get past papers. Ask you teacher/tutor.

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  • 10 months ago

    In my day, we did not have GCSEs, we had GCE Os, CSEs and RSAs (1960s). And as I went to a secondary Modern, we were not allowed to do GCE Os.

    I did not get very good results, it was equivalent of getting my name right on the paper.

    However, once I learned how to learn, I achieved 2 BA Hons and nine professional qualifications.

    BTW: it is not about the length of time you study, it is about how you study.


    1/ humans cannot concentrate for more than 20mins... take a break every 20mins or everything after that is a waste of time and brain.

    2/ remembering is effort after meaning... make the material meaningful to YOU.

    3/ use test papers. they can be used to reinforce the work.

    The method I teach is: 20/5/5

    20 mins study

    5mins relax may be even meditate

    5mins test on that 20mins study

    Do this in three batches, then take a longer brake

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    I did 9 GCSEs including English literature and language plus maths. I found both English subjects relatively easy but had to devote more time and work much harder at maths.

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  • 10 months ago

    I'm an auditory learner. I learn by listening to someone intently. I don't have to study and I do well on my exams

    • Naomi10 months agoReport

      Lucky you Katherine x

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