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PayPal denies my claim regarding unauthorized activity what can I do?

I haven’t used my paypal account in over 3 months, I started receiving emails that there had been purchases on the account. One purchase was a re-subscription to an old Spotify account I used years ago but haven’t been subscribed to in over 2 years.. another was on a strange website that I know nothing about, it looks like a fraudulent site.. I contacted PayPal explaining my issue, I explained that I understood their confusion with the Spotify account as I did own that account at one time but that it had been taken over, I wasn’t asking for the $9.99 back but I wanted the subscription to be canceled.. they refused. Their response about the purchase on this unknown website was that they believed I made the purchase due to my account history, but a quick look at my account history reveals I’ve never purchased anything that wasn’t from apple or eBay.. never from any unknown websites.. they don’t care and refuse to give me this money back.. I removed all payment info from the account and am waiting for a response from them.. if they don’t offer the protection they claim I see no use in continuing to use PayPal, I’m just wondering what I can do to fix this problem before I delete my account.. I just want the money back from that weird website.. I have suspicions on who’s been targeting me.

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    Take the issue with the bank. Say that you got a fraudulent charge from PayPal.

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    You need to focus on getting the other charge reversed.  The spotify sub was likely something you did not cancel properly and you need to call spotify to get that resolved rather than deal with Paypal.   You need to try contacting the vendor that charged you.

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    Take your credit card number off Paypal then call your credit card company. See if they can help.

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    Call Elon Musk and tell him the people he sold PayPal to are doing a poopy job. Maybe he’ll persuade them to help you.

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