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Is my best friend disrespecting my mom help ?

Me and my Bestfriend been friends for nearly 5 years but my best friend now complains how she dislikes how my mother speaks to her my mother will see my Bestfriend and give her a dry hey and won’t ask her how she been or anything my best friend said that offends her she told me if my mother had a problem with her she should just tell her. Because my Bestfriend family does treat me like second family when they see me they will be very excited and ask how I’m doing and have a conversation with me on the other end my mother doesn’t do that to my Bestfriend. Also my Bestfriend goes on and on and explains how my mother has a nasty attitude and how she thinks my mother boyfriend is cheating on her I kinda got pissed off because she shouldn’t have went to far. I understand how she feels that my mother doesn’t talk to her which she doesn’t but my Bestfriend mother treats me like family what should I do help ? Is my Bestfriend in the wrong ?

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  • Foofa
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    4 months ago

    Just tell this person that your family isn't like hers. For one thing your mother appears to be with a man who isn't your father. So Mom's been through some stuff in life and maybe just doesn't have the patience to handhold your friend. This person is pretty obnoxious to be honest.

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  • Min
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    4 months ago

    If it offend you she is overstepping her boundaries. Not everyone is blessed to have a good family but for those who don't it STILL hurts to have someone talk about family regardless if they are a bad person or not. Just let her know that you FULLY understand how she feels about her mom and that you really dnt wanna hear it anymore. It's not going to change anything and it doesn't make you feel any better hearing it.

    That will give her an idea how you feel about the situation and HOPEFULLY she will understand and back off a bit. If she keeps doing it just simply walk away. If she asks whats wrong let her know your really over it..

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