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Friends turning on me?

During this Summer, a couple of my friends suddenly turned on me and started having problems with me for no real reason. They collaborated and put me into a terrible situation where they all attacked me and disregarded my feelings. They then threw me out like garbage and it was a very messy split. Now, school has started and I see them all in the hallways and they talk **** about me collectively. I’m not completely sure as to why it really hurts, but it does. Probably because even after the whole ordeal, I never spoke badly about them to others who asked about the drama and I continue to respect them as people. But they were so quick to throw my name out into the dirt after the split and spread rumors, laugh about me, etc. I was friends with them for so long and when a minor inconvenience happens, they push me to the side and talk badly of me? It really ruined my day when I clearly saw them talking about me today and I know it’s nothing but just ahhh, any advice?

PS- 2 people who were involved are now good friends because of the altercation, and I know that they’re only friends because they both “hate” me now??

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    These aren't friends so you should stop addressing these people as friends. Cut ties and stop dwelling on how bad of people they are. It won't change anything sadly but you need to cut yourself out of this situation. If people can't seem to value you the same way you value them its a sign to find better people to be around. Take it as a lesson learned.. put those shades on and move on.

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    Maybe u have less in common with them than u thought. If u wouldn't talk badly about friends, why would u want to hang out with people that do?? Find friends that have something more creative and uplifting to share

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