Anyone know where to find an external storage source for a shotgun mic (or, a shotgun mic that saves audio within its own system)?

The idiot I am, I bought a DSLR that doesn’t support external audio. I already have a shotgun mic, and I don’t want want to get rid of it, so I’m wondering if there’s a small device that I can fit snuggly on my rig? I’d need to export it to my computer via SD card or USB of course. Right now, I have to run the chord through two adapters to my phone.

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    I use a Zoom H5 for recording external audio. It has a couple of connectors for external XLR based mics and also 1/4" (6mm) and 1/8" (3.5mm connectors for other mics)... and headphone connection, USB, records to SD flash memory cards, and a bunch of other features.

    Get an accessory bracket to mount the


    Zoom, Sony (professional), Marantz, Roland, and a few others make similar units with varying degrees of functionality and external mic compatibility.

    Please be aware that if you bought the dSLR specifically for video, you got the wrong tool for the task. When you read the manual, you find that the vast majority of it is dedicated to using the dSLR to capture still images. Video (and audio) is a "convenience feature". This does not mean dSLRs can't capture great video - they can, especially by adding lots of light (not flash) and learning to correctly position, adjust settings and use the dSLR get good depth of field. But there are a BUNCH of work-arounds you will learn that are not needed by camcorders - which are designed for video capture...

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