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Can you really die from vaping? How many times a day would you have have to vape though because i have been vaping maybe once a month?

Can you really die from vaping? How many times a day would you have have to vape though because i have been vaping maybe once a month Quitting from cigarettes i am scared from all the cases of the deaths!

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    People were smoking for hundreds of years before it was realised that smoking causes diseases.

    Vaping is only a few years old and already people are known to have died from it.

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    It's extremely rare according to current data. Hundreds of thousands vape but only a few hundred have died.

    But that's just what little data we have. It's difficult to tell how dangerous it is because of how new this phenomenon is.

    I would assume chronic nicotine vape use is horrible for your cardiovascular health; nicotine is a poison that hardens your arteries. Vaping doesn't deliver as much nicotine as cigarettes however, and it's still unclear if it's enough to cause heart disease long term.

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    There have been six people that have died from vaping. The cause has not been identified yet. It is believed that the deaths were from vaping a product other than simply nicotine solution. Chemicals such as the liquid spice! The federal investigation into the link between vaping and severe lung illnesses is ongoing and has not identified a cause, but all reported cases have indicated the use of e-cigarette products and some patients have reported using e-cigarettes containing cannabinoid products, such as THC.

    As far as I know nobody has gotten sick or died from products legitimately sold in a vape shop! Some idiot bought some of that liquid spice that you're not supposed to smoke. And put it in there vape tank!

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    There have been six people die recently of lung failure from vaping. You really have to follow the news. And you really should quit vaping at least until they figure out what it is of vaping that's killing those people.

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  • 3 months ago

    If vaping killed people they would have been outlawed a long time ago.

    I'd be dead. You'd be dead. Along with a whole big pile of other people.

    Don't believe the hype. Vaping is a valuable tool for us ex smokers. People who are of age that is.

    Vaping e juice from reputable dealers is the only way to go. Taking care of your batteries purchased from reputable dealers is the way to go. Don't put crap in your vape you're not supposed to and don't stress your batteries beyond their capabilities. Keep your device clean. Rewrap your batteries if they need it. You'll be just fine.

    • John3 months agoReport

      I condone making cigarettes illegal.
      Being that I'm 28 and smoked all of my adult life. One thing I know for a fact is that I feel much better physically than when I smoked cigarettes.
      To help clear things up. If you have time. Look up Greg Conley on banning vaping. Have a good day, Pippin.

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    3 months ago

    The illnesses that have been occuring recently, and the deaths, appear to be due to a problem with the liquid being used -- and can happen whether you vape often or infrequently.

    Of course we don't yet know the long term risks of vaping, and since there is abolutely no reason TO take it up, I'm not clear why anyone would. (It may have some use for people who are unable to quit cigarettes, as a smoking cessation tool like the patch or gum. But for people have never smoked -- why start? And if you are only doing it once a month, how is it helping you quit smoking?)

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    Can you really die from inhaling poisonous chemicals into your lungs? Surprisingly, yes.

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    no one knows at this point, they are not even sure why, but intuition tells you if you are putting something into your lungs that should not be there, there will be consequences. vaping is relatively new, so I am sure we will see more played out.

  • 3 months ago

    these cases are meant to scare kids who are not using vaping to get off cigarettes

    i know kids who vape every single day like before class during class after class and they arent dead yet

    there are what, 6 deaths from vaping?

    props to you for quitting!! Keep it up you got this

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