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Poll: With whom/what did you usually take your frustrastion and anger when you were a teen?

I'm 17 and I usually have fits of rage when I feel angry or frustrated and punch my wooden walls 'til almost bleeding, know it's not the healthiest way but I find no other.

Thank you from Ohio and have a nice week!

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    I wasn't a person who threw fits when they got mad, but I do remember talking to myself, and just letting all my emotions out. One time I thought I was alone, but my mother was home, and I'm sure she must have thought I lost my marbles. But she did listen and try to do something about my problem. Probably if I had talked to her, she wouldn't have taken it as seriously.

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    I would walk through the woods for hours ...often from dusk until dawn. Sometimes I'd go to playgrounds and swing all night, too. And I'd talk to myself a lot ...angrily and tearfully.

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    Whatever floats your boat

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    Hello from NYC. I have the bad habit of breaking things. When i was a kid if my toy didnt work right or got me mad id just get mad and throw it against a wall or smash it with my feet. Then later id regret breaking it

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  • 2 months ago

    Was never a troubled teen l got angry l went for a walk to cool off

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