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Is it true that trump sold the Saudi Arabians an American designed defense system?

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    Yes. We sold the Patriot Missile System to various countries.

    Patriot systems have been sold to the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Egypt, Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Republic of China (Taiwan), Greece, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Romania. South Korea purchased several second-hand Patriot systems from Germany after North Korea test-launched ballistic missiles to the Sea of Japan and proceeded with underground nuclear testing in 2006.[5] Jordan also purchased several second-hand Patriot systems from Germany. Poland hosts training rotations of a battery of U.S. Patriot launchers. This started in the town of Morąg in May 2010 but was later moved further from the Russian border to Toruń and Ustka due to Russian objections.[6] On December 4, 2012, NATO authorized the deployment of Patriot missile launchers in Turkey to protect the country from missiles fired in the civil war in neighboring Syria.[7] Patriot was one of the first tactical systems in the U.S. Department of Defense’s (DoD) to employ lethal autonomy in combat.[8]

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    Saudi Arabia has patriot missiles which destroy incoming missiles and surface to air missiles that shoot down jet planes.  Unfortunately, neither are any good at defending oil installations from modified toy drones armed with incendiary bombs.  I would suggest that the USA rapidly develops a defence against small drones before there's a copycat attack on American oil production.

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    If they did, it didn't seem to work that well against the drone attacks.

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    The US, and the Saudi's have had defense/arms deals for decades.

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