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Does smoking weed while breastfeeding make your child slow ?

They say smoking weed while pregnant is bad but I see a lot of women doing it and their baby came out perfect. Even was told by a nurse it was ok. What about breastfeeding? Is it the same where they say it’s bad but there’s no proven fact it harms the baby ? Has anyone smoked weed while breastfeeding? If so, how is your child ? Did they learn / develop slower ?

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    Okay by what standard? I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say the fact that you’re looking for other people’s approval suggests you don’t really think it’s OK deep-down. Otherwise you’d just go ahead and do it wouldn’t you?

    I think that’s all you need to know honestly. Any effect it will have is going to be negative. It’s either going to have no effect, or a negative one. Why take the risk if you care about your baby? Just leave the weed until you’ve stopped breast-feeding. What do you care about more, getting high right now, or the future mental development of your baby? If you can answer that question, that again is basically all you need to know.

    There’s very little concrete info it seems, you can google this stuff yourself. But again, why take the risk? You should be eating as healthily as possible and preferably using no drugs, including no alcohol, not even caffeine imo. What is known for certain is that cannabinoids will end up in your breast milk, so your baby will end up consuming them. It’s hard to imagine exposing a baby’s brain to any amount of any psychoactive drug could be anything but bad. Again, even if it’s not, why take the risk, given that no-one can tell you for sure?

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    Yes of course it will its wrong to smoke drink or do anything harmful to the baby

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    You have not idea what type of pesticides or chemicals weed was treated with. Are you gonna risk exposing your baby to unknown chemicals? Also there’s not enough medical studies that determine the effects of weed in breast milk, are you gonna risk it? And last, I know this airhead that use to smoke weed during and after birth, she said it was ok and her baby was healthy, boy is 14 years old now, she claims is a normal boy, I thinks he’s a bit slow, he’s behind in class, and a trouble making, was this because of the weed when he was little? I don’t know, but you can’t count with others opinions, you should go for facts and if facts are not enough try to avoid the product.

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    There's not been enough research done to prove either or. If they find thc in your system while in my area they take your child away once it's born, however that irritates me. I was watching ViceLand the other day which is a stoner channel and there were a bunch of pregnant women in a therapy session speaking about their marijuana use. A few of them even said without it they would be considering abortion due to such horrible pain.

    There's no evidence but i know babies of stoner moms who turned out just fine. I love weed but i personally don't believe in breastfeeding while smoking weed just because of the fact that there's alternatives and it's better safe than sorry.

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    Its usually people who don't smoke who will tell you its horrible for your child tbh. I have personally asked a doctor and it is fine. I have multiple family members who smoked occasionally during their pregnancy (mostly to help sickness) and they all have a litter of children and they are all striving in school and doing well health wise. The older ones have grown up to be successful in life. So NO.

    Roll up and enjoy.

    • How about for breastfeeding? Did they breastfeed and smoke ? personally think smoking while pregnant isn’t bad. It really helps with morning sickness. I as well know of people that smoked while pregnant and their kids came out perfect and they’re growing up just fine and doing great I’m school.

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    The effects of marijuana on breast milk when passed on to your child can have serious consequences stunting wholesome development. Three main areas are affected with regard to the development of a baby when exposed to marijuana- the strength, movement and coordination. Some studies have shown that smoking marijuana and breastfeeding may also adversely affect the nervous system of the child.

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    My nephew who is 45 yrs old still lives with his father, my brother because of the learning disabilities and the ADHD he developed because his late mother smoked weed while pregnant and breastfeeding. Does that answer your question?

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    depends on the baby's race if it is going to be white then it will harm it due to natural receptors that break down the thc into cbd eventually and Caucasians lack this receptor which can affect the baby's development if your baby is mixed or non-white it will be fine because it will have either a lot or some of the receptors 

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      This is human race, not a breed of purebred dog or mutt.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    It is not much effect. Maybe 10 IQ points lost. But that doesn't make much difference because most people only end up getting jobs flipping burgers or being car salesmen. It just means the kids won't be the top of the class.

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