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How do singing telegrams work?

I know that telegrams are pretty much obsolete, except for ship to shore and such? Energency used such as distress signals might also still use telegrams.

I saw that a flower shop had singing telegrams available to be sent for $100 and I wonder how these might work since I have never seen telegraph lines.

Does the florist collect the orders and then take them to a telegraph office somewhere, and then have them received and sent through the emergency HAM, air traffic and marine radio system via Morse code and then when it arrives at the other telegrAph office if it transcribed and then a messenger is dispatched to deliver the singing telegram?

How are music notes sent via Morse code, is a harmonic telegraph used?

How does the whole singing telegram system work, and how is it so expensive?

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  • Jerry
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    Don't be so darn literal. It's like calling peppermint tea "tea" when technically it's an infusion. It's only TEA if it's made of TEA leaves.

    Florist shops and other entities offer the service of having an actor or singer, possibly in costume, delivering an elaborate "message" to the person of your choice. It's not literally a telegram, just personally delivered like a telegram.

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  • 4 months ago

    A telegram is a message sent by telegraph and then delivered in written or printed form. It doesn’t say Morse code.

    So a singing telegram is someone who delivers the message to the recipient in a song.

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