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Losing your virginity?!?

I went out with some friends this weekend and then they ended up leaving me at the bar. I remember sitting with this group of guys who were visiting for a bachelor party. I then woke up naked in one of the guy’s hotel rooms and I cannot remember anything besides making out with him on the way there. I’m also a virgin so if I had sex with him, would I have felt different?! I’m so freaked out by this!!! I completely blacked out. I have no idea if I had sex with this guy. If I did, I would’ve been able to tell right? I can’t remember anything. Also, do I have a right to be kind of upset with my friends for leaving me in this situation? They didn’t even tell me they were leaving, they just left me with these random guys and I’m not even a huge drinker to begin with but we were drinking all day long. Please help. If it was my 1st time, would I have been sore?! I’m not sore at all, I just feel so confused bc I can’t remember anything. I was able to leave the hotel and make it home ok. I can’t remember anything from about 8:50PM-10:30 PM.

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    There's no way to tell what could have happened. If you can't recall what happened and you woke up naked, it's very possible they may have slipped a date rape drug into your system. If you go to the emergency room, you can ask to be tested for the date rape drug and examined for other signs of intercourse/rape. You can also ask about testing for STDs, and you may want to consider the Plan B pill.

    Your friends were absolutely wrong to leave you alone with those guys. You have every right to be angry with them.

  • rick
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    Can't help you about determining if you are a virgin. As usual, you make a big deal of it, and mention it in the first sentence. It's not a big deal. I think you need new friends, that won't abandon you. Or perhaps your continuous reminding everyone that you are a virgin, made them want to get away from you?

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    Cool story bro.... tell it again....

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    This is one reason why a person doesn't need to drink so much. And if your friends left, they did. Maybe this is a lesson learned. (if it's even true)

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