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Do you have an opinion about different types of dentures?

I;m intrigued by the dentures which seem to be attached to the jaw at four points. They seem as if they would be better for chewing, talking, the whole nine yards.

What scare me are those posts they're attached to ... are those unhealthy for the bone underneath? Would they tend to tear out over time?

What about if you had all implants? I know for most people that would be economically silly, but, hypothetically, would all those posts be worse for the bone?

What about other types of dentures ... the old-fashioned choppers that just pop out of your mouth, sometimes when you don't want them to, lol .... and I hear that nowadays there are some rubber dentures. Not sure what those are. But any input welcome. Thank you.

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  • 4 months ago

    Best is to prevent formation of cavities and prevent breakage of part or full teeth by accident. Else its lot of recurring money and time expenditure, bad odour and trapping of food particles inside the denture.

    In my mid 30's, both first molar teeth on my lower jaw had cavities with pain. Root-canaling was done followed by fixing affordable ceramic crown. The crown started breaking on the side facing the neighbouring teeth on lower jaw after i ate guava. Then food particles started entering through that broken portion of the crown causing bad odour and irritation and heaviness, after every meal i had to remove the trapped food particles. Now 7 years after that treatment, the whole crown came off along with inside filling, only 5% of first molar teeth is remaining-i feel relieved that no more the need to remove trapped food particles. I am wondering if i can stay without any denture on those teeth. And if i ask dentist on what to do next then dentist will mostly tell me to add new crown or something more costlier to keep the money meter running forever.

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  • 4 months ago

    Implants are better for the bones than regular dentures. Implants help keep the bone from shrinking. Look it up

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  • 4 months ago

    No one is going to have all implants. Not because it's cost prohibitive but because there wouldn't be enough jaw bone to hold the implant posts.

    "What scare me are those posts they're attached to ." The posts are implant posts, just like if you got a mouth full of implants. It's not unhealthy for the bone, in fact it improves bone density. they won't tear out but if your gum recedes they can become noticeable.

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