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In animal species, its usually the males that present themselves as being pretty?

Why is it, that in most animal species, it is usually the males that present themselves to the females as being more colorful, prettier, more appealing to the eyes, etc. but in humans, women are the ones who dress flashy and wear makeup to attract males?

I understand that males also work out to look more attractive to females, but for the majority, it's women who take on the role of being more eye-catching. Why is it different for humans when the other animals have the males doing that hard work of being selected?

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    "Why is it different for humans when the other animals have the males doing that hard work of being selected?"

    It's not different. Men are more attractive than women. Just look at the statue of David vs. the Venus de Milo. Human males are magnificent and heterosexual human females tend to be attracted to tall, muscular, men with v-shaped torsos. Women are just kinda... jiggly.

    But I am sexually attracted to men and not women. I could be biased. Obviously male peacocks are still attracted to female peacocks. Go figure.

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    In most species, including humans, there are more females than males. This is especially true in birds. Thus, males have to be attractive to find a mate. Females can be more picky. Biologically speaking, the only purpose of life is to reproduce. Most, if not all, animals spend most of their time trying to have offspring. 

    Humans are really no different except for cultural pressues. Culture dictates women are "supposed" to be fit, thin, short and attractive. Which is BS. Culture also dictates men should be fit, muscular, tall and rich. Which is also BS. 

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    This is cultural though (in humans), not biological. Men invented femininity and forced women to perform it to control reproduction. BIOLOGICALLY, it's still females who determine sexual selection (mate choice based), just like in animals.

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    the idea is to distract predators. female critters are drabber to protect their young.  humans don't have the same survival pressures.

    Foofa and Chemflunky have the best answers.

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    Because few other animal species mate for life or have such proscribed gender roles as humans historically have. In the days when a woman wasn't allowed to earn her own keep her only hope of survival was to make a "good marriage". Therefore women had to compete with each other to attract the best resourced males (and those males prized beauty highly in most cases). In most other species it's not a matter of seeking lifelong resources but just choosing the best genetics for this particular mating season. Next year each animal partner will be with someone else, so it doesn't really matter who can gather the most acorns or dig worms the best.

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    Couple of things going on there.

    Off the top of my head:

    1. It's not always like that in nature. Consider baboons. It's definitely a tendency, but it's just as definitely not an absolute.

    2. Relative male disposability in nature. Those same traits that make, say, a peacock or a male guppy "flashy" to, respectively, peahens and female guppies (and us) also make them easier for predators to catch. The number of peafowl and guppies born each year is governed more by the number of females than the number of males. So, the females tend to be relatively drab, so that they won't get eaten while on the nest/carrying young (guppies are ovoviviparous, meaning they hold their eggs inside until they hatch), but males have to risk being eaten by predators in order to attract the attention of a female. Humans... don't really have that pressure.

    3. Patriarchy. Or at least lingering remnants of same. For a good chunk of recent history, middle-class to wealthy men were expected to find jobs (or at least manage their investments or the like). Middle class to wealthy women, on the other hand, were expected to... find husbands. For anyone who wasn't a farmer or similar laborer, men were generally expected to Do Things, while women were... expected to be ornamental, so they could find a man to attach themselves to, and bear and raise his children.

    So men's fashion and styles tended to be (relatively) utilitarian, because even "gentlemen" were expected to Do Things (even if they didn't have a job per se, they were expected to do things like hunt, ride, become officers in times of war, and so on), while women's fashion and styles didn't have to be utilitarian as long as they didn't too significantly restrict women from, er, continuing to exist, and once they Found A Man, bearing and raising children.

    There are lingering remnants of this in things like high heels, girdles and other restrictive foundation garments, relatively tight or otherwise restrictive women's clothing, and so on.

    And probably other factors I'm not thinking of.

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    yes, it s the female that choose...

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    White male priviledge. 😁

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