Is it possible for citizens of Utah to petition for a ranked choice presidential voting system?

It has recently been in the news that Maryland is switching to a ranked choice voting system, and after doing some research into said system, it seems like a much better way for a state to agree on a presidential candidate. I still need to do some research on it, but I'm just curious if it is possible for us to petition for such a change

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  • Jeff D
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    2 months ago
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    First of all, US citizens are guaranteed the right of petition (1st amendment); meaning you can petition anything you want (you can petition for flying cars or free ice cream). The right of petition is also guaranteed in the Utah state constitution, so you're doubleplusgood to go.

    Second, Maryland is considering allowing ranked choice voting, but only for local elections.

    Third, citizens don't vote for Presidential candidates--at least, not directly. We vote for electors who then vote for President. In the context of the electoral vote, a ranked choice vote doesn't make a lot of sense. Ranked choice voting is best when you have elections where no candidate gets a majority, which is atypical in Presidential elections (especially in strongly partisan states like Utah). It might make more sense for Utah to split it's six electoral votes in proportion to the number of votes that each candidate receives.

  • Tmess2
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    2 months ago

    Utah is one of the states that allow citizens to initiate legislation by referendum. So, if enough citizens are willing to sign the petition, Utah voters could put such a proposition on the ballot.

    As Jeff noted, ranked choice voting will normally (i.e. on all years in which a real Republican is on the ballot) not make a difference in the state-wide general in Utah. That makes Utah different from Maine (the only state currently with ranked choice voting) because in Maine: 1) each congressional district elects one elector; and 2) Maine is close enough that ranked choice voting could make a difference in at least one of the districts. Where ranked choice voting will matter in Utah is in the primary election where ranked choice voting might impact the delegate allocation.

  • 2 months ago

    The electoral college is the way we elect presidents

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