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Are feminists really trying bring back patriarchy?

The way they bit*hing and whining I think this is what going to happen. The world was patriarchal before and men who were kind and respectful helped women to rise and get out of the house. Women were given the freedom to do whatever they want and they had their best time. But now they are getting annoying with their ever ending demands and silly child like behavior. Men are still way too generous and kind towards them. There are even men male feminists and they always stand for women. Despite all these what feminists doing is irritating men. If they keep doing that men will eventually start to restrict women and their freedom and patriarchy comes back. I don't see how women are going to stop that from happening. I don't support patriarchy or male domination. I support feminism in their effort to earn equality and respect. I don't want all women to pay for what a few crazy feminists have done or doing.

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    Unless you mean trans men, no there aren't any male feminists. There are male allies. Patriarchy is alive and well and has yet to be defeated, so they couldn't bring it back because it's still here. There are still no wages for housework and men don't breastfeed very often at all, and these two things are indications that we still have a long way to go.

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    No, quite the opposite.

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    "Are feminists really trying bring back patriarchy?"

    Not sure what feminists are actually trying to achieve.  But for any woman who wants the patriarchy back, it's too late! 

    "No woman should be authorized to stay at home and raise her children. Society should be totally different. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one."

    That quote came from prominent feminist Simone de Beauvoir in her interview with Betty Friedan on June 14, 1975.  It looks like the feminists won and we are now living in their vision of the future for women.

    Their efforts to change the narrative of history is what keeps all women in a double-bind.  Feminism tells them that men "oppressed" them throughout all of history.  And that the natural state of men is to dominate and oppress women.  Most women today now believe some version of that as they have been indoctrinated in mainstream feminism for their entire lives now from school age to adulthood by corporate elite Establishment financed feminism.

    So even if women naturally desire the traditional arrangements, their indoctrination places doubts on their natural inclinations.

    The future in the West depends on how everything plays out.  For a few generations at least, everyone is on their own.  Everyone must work for themselves.  And female hypergamy will continue to restrict the supply of good men for the more successful women, all up a sliding scale.  We really are in new territory.

    Ultimately though the "patriarchy principle" (one woman for every man in a monogamous relationship) is the only one that has worked to facilitate civilized society.  It's debatable if p0rñ and video games can quell future males enough to prevent a mass movement of unrest when there is no real benefit or motivating factor for men to act civilized and participate in a civilized system.  Not sure how that's going to look.  Most of us won't be here for that.


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    The world is still patriarchal. Shrieking misogynists telling us to sit down and shut up or they'll oppress us more isn't going to convince us to do it, kid. Frankly I think the real solution is sexual segregation. I've been reading a lot of Anthropology books lately and it's striking that MOST ancient cultures were segregated. Men and women lived separately and met up for special occasions and rituals.

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    Few "kind and respectful" men "helped women to rise and get out of the house". Women entered the workforce to help their country during the dark days of world war when there weren't enough men around to do necessary jobs. In the post war world women were expected to go back to the kitchen and they had to fight for every bit of equality they now enjoy. Given that women outnumber men I wouldn't be so convinced that a handful of fed up guys are going to be able to deprive women of basic human rights and drive them back into the dark ages.

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    They can't. Men are already trying to bring matriarchy.

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    Wife beater alert.

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