My usual depressive episodes are getting worse due to my seemingly incurable acne and I don’t know what to do?

Ever since February of this year my skin has been breaking out like crazy. I’m at the point where I don’t want to look at myself or leave the house I feel so insecure, it’s been getting in the ways of my social life and my happiness. I feel like I’ve tried everything, I’ve used just about every acne product out there and the only thing that has worked is proactiv, it’s horrible for the skin so I decided to stop using it and it was fine for about 4 months until February (I had broken out in 2018 but just used proactiv immediately to fix it). I’m eating the best I ever have in my whole life and my skin is still horrible, I even went dairy free for about 2 months and there was no noticeable difference. I know accutane works for some people and I’ve seen the improvements myself since my friends have used it, I’ve also considered birth control to help but I’m still a minor and my parents would never let me use either of those options as they’re against almost everything that isn’t natural, I feel like those would be last resorts anyways (at this point I’m already at my last resort). I genuinely feel like I’ve done almost everything I could but at this point I’ve lost hope on my skin ever getting better, I feel so sad and insecure all the time and when I see people with clear skin all I can think about is how lucky they are to have nice skin. I never realized how much of my self confidence relied on my face being clear until I had acne...any advice?

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  • Lili
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    10 months ago
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    Ask your parents to at least let you see a dermatologist. If things are that bad, you need a medical consultation.

    Studies have not shown any real dietary connection, even though some people swear there is one. Acne is largely a matter of hormones, and these can't be dealt with diet and OTC products. A dermatologist might be able to explain that to your parents. Ask them what they'd do with a medical problem of their own? Try only "natural" cures or take an effective medication?

    Self-confidence is about far more than appearance, but certainly in insecure adolescence, appearance can loom especially large. But you're not alone in this struggle; it's very common among teenagers. Moreover, having bad acne obviously doesn't mean you're a bad or flawed person. It also shouldn't prevent you from dressing and grooming well and from being fully involved in activities that can boost your confidence, your acne notwithstanding.

    If you feel you can't talk to your parents about this face-to-face, write them a letter and describe your feelings about your acne and your desire to see a dermatologist. You can even mention that you know they prefer natural solutions, but your acne has gone far beyond anything susceptible to those. You need medical help.

    Good luck. By the way, I've never heard that ProActive is actually bad for the skin.

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  • 10 months ago

    Have you spoken to your doctor / a dermatologist?

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Pro active is not bad for the skin. That's schoolyard gossip and websites trying to sell you their less effective skin care. For many it's the only thing that works. If it worked for you go back to using it and ignore whoever told you it's bad. Acne can be made worse by hormones which is why teens get it the worst. Acne gradually clears up after 18 to 21Years old. You might want to visit a dermatologist. They have prescription stuff that's effective on even stubborn acne. The doctor can also tell if it's not acne and if it's something else.

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  • Ian
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    10 months ago

    Self-confidence starts with the SELF part. There is nothing wrong with active hormones at your age. It sounds like the problem is in the comparison of you to others. They are NOT you...the only logical and reasonable way to look at things is a comparison with yourself, you are unique, so unique in fact that it is impossible to compare with others. You eat differently at different times, you learn things at different times, things happen to you that change your perspective. The only thing you have in true common with other people is that EVERYONE is unique. So you can only compare you to you. Each day that you spend agonizing over the opinions of others is a day you don't focus on YOU. Look for people that have skin like yours instead of clear skin, realize you are not alone in feeling this way and look forward, because unless your parents are walking around with acne this will pass, it's not permanent. Feeling bad about yourself because you don't have clear skin YET, is self-destructive. You are a unique and amazing feat of biological wonder, and you are not alone. Parents want what is good for you in the long run, they KNOW that your skin will clear so they cannot see it as such a huge problem because in the long run, it isn't. Right now to you it is and I get it, so look back in your life and think about all of the BIG problems you've had and how you feel about them now...not so big right? Well in a few years this will feel the same...just gotta ride it out.

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