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I feed my Betta Fish flakes and he seems to really like them. My question is how many flakes ( tetra betta min ) should I find him?

Also I’ve read only feeding them once a day is good and you can even skip a day is that okay too? Thanks.

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  • Jack H
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    3 months ago
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    Feed about a quarter of the amount you think you should, once a day. Fish rarely starve to death, but, many are killed by foul water caused by overfeeding, Bettas, being air breathers are a little luckier than most, you will still poison it by overfeeding. If you want to skip a day or two, it will be OK, do not feed extra, but, if you are going away for a week, feed a little more than usual for the week before. When your fish sees you near the tank, it will assume food is coming, so will come to the surface, he's not hungry, just curious, please don't overfeed...

    Source(s): Fishkeeper for over 40 years...
  • 3 months ago

    I feed mine once a day. It is just a pinch, but he likes it. He has actually learned how to beg. He will swim right in front of me and when I look he swims to the top then back to me, this happens 5 times.

  • 3 months ago

    I have a BETTA, I feed him a jar of flakes a day

  • Dze
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    3 months ago

    maybe we should stuff you in a toilet bowl and let you skip a day of eating ..

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