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would you think of a friend like this?

I agree to pay her $120 half in advance half pending completion if she and her boyfriend were to post to banners, they agree to it, they go to Walmart and spend all the money on stuff they want we then go to a location and I tell them to go post the sign she says she can't do that doesn't give an explanation later claimed she didn't feel good so I and her boyfriend go post the first banners and then the second sign for all she does is sit in the car does nothing, it occurred to me later she didn't feel bad when it came to shopping at Walmart and had no problem walking, after spending all the money the boyfriend complains how he's all out of money, years later when I asked her about it she gave me a different story that she and her boyfriend discussed it beforehand he was going to do it but she wasn't, she told me she felt bad about it

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    10 months ago
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    She is a big pos. Dump her, as in yesterday. 

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  • 8 months ago

    You said this happened years ago? Why are you spending time and energy musing about it now? Surely , there must be things going on in your current life that are more worthy of attention.

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