How to do an etymological research in a dissertation? What is the standard format or popular one ?

i want to do an etymological research of few English words with Eastern roots.

Any books, research materials, videos..anything that help are welcome ?

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Many etymological dictionaries on the internet. The Oxford English Dictionary or Chambers will also give you the origin of words and are probably more 'academic'. 

    • Krypton Guy4 months agoReport

      yeS there are etymological dictionarieS .. i have few online and offline oneS ... but the problem iS i need quoteS and theorieS to put as proof in initial chapters of my work ... that iS where the problemS iS .. i need reSearch work of linguiSts in thiS area, alSo i don't know what iS the format

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  • 4 months ago

    You need to do the exact format that your professor said when he/she assigned the work. If you are not still in school and wish to publish your work, every publishing house will also have a preferred format that you must follow. Editors and professors are generally pretty great sticklers on this point. Find out for certain so you don't put in a lot of work be penalized over style issues.

    • Krypton Guy4 months agoReport

      profeSsorS don't aSsign diSsertation .. we chooSe to do one ... thatS why i m the trouble ...
      and my faculty iS different and thiS thing iS new ... thatS why i m not finding enough materialS ...

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