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What does this sentence mean?

English isn't my native language so sometimes, I fail to figure out the meaning. To cut it short, below is the sentence :

" To assist you in the repayment of the outstanding balance ,we agree to your proposed monthly payment of _______ dollars on the 30th of coming 6 months , starting in September 2019".

Does It mean I (can) start paying off on the 30th of every month (starting from September) ? A fool that I am, I don't know whether to laugh or give myself a nice punch.

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    There's nothing wrong with you--money matters can be intimidating. The statement is saying that the lender agrees to accept 6 monthly installment payments to pay off your outstanding debt. Before signing this agreement, make sure the monthly dollar amount is filled in, which should be 1/6th of the debt plus any interest fees.

    The statement says that you agree to make the 6 payments on the 30th of September, October, November, December, January and February (6 total).

    Please note that February only has 28 days (29 days in the leap year 2020), so you may want to know what exact date that payment is due.) If you can't get an answer, the safest thing to do is to assume it is due on the last day of February.

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    It means they accept your offer of making monthly payments, for six months, until the amount you owe is paid in full. The first payment is due Sept 30 and the remaining five payments will be made on the 30th of each month thereafter, except for February which does not have 30 days. The six months involved are: Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb.

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    they expect you to pay xx dollars on (or before) the 30th of every month, starting this month (first payment by the 30th of September). Six total payments are expected, one each month for the next six months counting september as the first month.

    It does not mean that you "can", it means that you "must", or the deal will be off. You have, in effect, promised these payments and they have accepted that promise.

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    On the 30th of September you will pay the agreed upon amount. On October 30, November 30, December 30, January 30 and February 30 you will pay the agreed upon amount. Then your debt will be paid.

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      Thank you hahaha. God has answered to my prayers.

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