Write a description of a dog using Wilde's model.?

"Swallow, Swallow, little Swallow, said the Prince, "far away across the city I see a young man in the garret. He is leaning over a desk covered with papers, and in a tumbler by his side there is a bunch of withered violets. His hair is brown and crisp, and his lips are as red as a pomegranate, and he has large and dreamy eyes."


Question: Write a short description of a dog. First, decide whether you want to describe a fancy, pedigreed dog or a scruffy mutt. Then capture the dog by using strong diction. Don't explain that the dog is fancy or scruffy. Instead, use perfect words to create a picture of the dog for the reader. Use Wilde's passage as a model.

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  • Marli
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    3 months ago

    Think of or find a picture of a dog. The young man is in a garret (a room in the attic of a house), so write where the dog is (park, sidewalk, alley, etc.). The man is leaning over a desk. What is the dog doing? The desk is covered with papers, and holds a bunch of withered violets and a glass. What objects are near the dog? A water bowl and a food bowl? A chew toy? Garbage? Maybe the dog wears a collar and tags. Does he or she wear a harness? Wilde described the man's hair, lips and eyes. What is the expression on the dog's face? The body language? The length and colour of coat. Is the coat dirty or clean?

    I can't remember "The Happy Prince", so I don't know anything about the young man. I assume from the description that he is either a romanric poet or he is trying to compose a persuasive love letter. His eyes are dreamy and he has kept withered violets on his desk. I dismissed the idea that he was depressed and drunk (the tumbler) because his eyes are dreamy.

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    Not going to do your work for you, but Wilde passage starts with a setting (the garret), so place the dog in a setting that indicates if it's a purebred or a mutt, then... what is the dog doing? (the young man is leaning over a desk covered with papers) And what is around the dog that can indicate something of the dogs personality? (the papers on the desk, the tumbler with a bunch of withered violets. Finish it off by describing the dog's physical attributes.Finally, there's no need to follow this as a step by step instruction, I'm sure there's some creative license (maybe it's even preferred) as long as you fulfill all the requirements.

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      Thank you. This is very helpful.

  • 3 months ago

    ... The dog's fur is brown and crisp, his lips as red as pomegranates and he has large and dreamy eyes.

    There you go.

  • 3 months ago

    Why would anyone spend their time doing what you decline to do yourself? Everyone in the world hates answering literature questions as much as you do but you are the only one with a stake in Oscar Wolfe's dog.

    • Sofia3 months agoReport

      Wilde*, and I honestly just needed an answer to explain it better or to help me visualize the question better. Quit being so critical and nitpicky.

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