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Is this supposed to be a good or bad thing? Whats the deeper meaning of this?

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    Like any horoscope, it can be interpreted a couple of ways. On the surface, the statement says that 'I will remember how you treat me, so be careful'. The real question is how to interpret "be careful." It can be taken as a threat or a plea.

    As a threat, it implies the possibility of revenge. "Be careful how you treat me or I'll make your words come back to haunt you."

    As a plea, it suggests that "Be careful how you treat me because if you hurt my feelings, it will hurt for a long time."

    Horoscopes are often ambiguous so they will apply to the widest range of people and situations. Take your pick as to how this applies to you.

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    This is a way of asking whether whatever the subject might be is positive (good) or negative (bad).

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    not a good or bad thing, just a warning that it could be bad if you do bad, but it will be good if you do good.

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