Covering soundproofing question?


My workmates and I work in booths with the walls covered with foam soundproofing.

We have an argument.

Some say that it's OK to cover the walls with cloths, posters, etc.

I say that if you do that, you are making the soundproofing useless, as it is the shape of the foam that the audio waves need to hit. Hitting a sheet will reduce the ability to absorb the sound.

Which is correct?

Sources would be appreciated.


1 Answer

  • 4 months ago

    Fabric, soft porous material with an open weave, can add to the sound deadening effect as it damps and disperses air movements both before sound reached the main absorber and after any residual reflections from that.

    Harder, non-porous surfaces will reduce the sound deadening in the area they cover. The harder the surface, the more effect it has.

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