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Today, when Jerry Nadler said, "The chair will recognize the pedophile from Ohio," did he mean to hurt Creepy Jim Jordan's (R Oh) feelings?

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    The Trump administration will revoke California's right to set stricter air pollution standards for cars and light trucks than those required by the federal government. In July, California reached an agreement with Ford, Honda, Volkswagen and BMW to support the state's right to set its own fuel efficiency standards and to voluntarily produce cars averaging nearly 50 mpg by model year 2026. The rollback of California's waiver will also affect 13 other states and the District of Columbia, which follow California's emissions regulations. Last summer, the EPA proposed weakening fuel economy standards put in place by the Obama administration by freezing standards at roughly 37 mpg from 2020 to 2026. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said the state intends to strike back with a lawsuit, which is expected to go to the Supreme Court.

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