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When to take SATs advice? Thank you!!?

I’m a sophomore currently enrolled in honors precalculus and honors chemistry (along with the useless classes of course). I skipped two full years of math and I’m eagerly preparing for AP Calculus next year in 11th grade.

Should I take the Math 2 SAT Subject test this June? Wouldn’t it make most sense because I’ll just have finished with precalculus by then? I’m also aiming for a solid 800 and, well, 9 and a half months to study seems pretty reasonably to me!

Now concerning honors chemistry, it’s techinally general chem at my school but on an advanced level. Is the content in general chem sufficient to satisfy AT LEAST a 700 on the Chemistry Subject test? I’m planning to buy barron’s Prep books and official practice tests for both tests.

My other questions are: how good would a 700 in chem and an 800 in math 2 appear to colleges (for a premed major). Also, would the fact that I was a sophomore during those exams be impressive to colleges? Or would it be obsolete? THANK YOU!

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    Most likely you would definitely need the prep book and outside study to reach the 700 level.

    I don't think being a sophomore when taking the SAT II test would have any positive bearing from a college perspective (as compared to a junior getting the same score)

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    What universities are you applying to? Most don’t require subject SAT exams to apply.

    Your SAT I exam should be enough.

    Wait until you take AP calculus to take the math subject SAT exam.

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