Why do I find men who are not well off but have ambition more attractive than men who had a lot of luck with family wealth and easier road?

Update: there is something about a guy who didn't have much starting off but has a ambitious personality and seeks to better himself much more appealing.

but a guy who seems to never had to work hard in life and grew up with wealth privilege and was some goody two shoed boy so boring and unappealing
Update 2: for example, I really find a man who works a low pay job just to make ends meet but is a starving artist.

but a guy who works at some formal office while making a decent income comes off as bland and boring to me
Update 3: @whatever

maybe that is true to some extent.

but its also a personality thing..

I just notice a lot of guy that work at some bank or law firm or some medical doctorjust have some generic personalities. they just come off as complacent and don't care about other things in life other than themselves.
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