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There is a way to follow someone's question. How do I do this? AND can I do it, if the question is listed by an Anonymous user.?

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    Yes, you click on he question and then click on the star at the bottom left of the question (there will also be wording beside the star telling you how many other users, if any, are already following the question).

    Yes, you can follow questions asked by Anon users, and the user who posted the question can see who is following their question if they choose to.

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    To follow a question just click on the follow star icon just under the question. Does not matter it the person is anonymous or not. Some level 7 trolls used to use this to follow a question they wanted to change the category on. Now it is not used that much.

    To find the question just go to your profile activity and click on More>My followed Question. You will only see the first 20 questions you are following.

  • 2 months ago

    It doesnt matter whether the original poster has used the anonymous option after posting the question or not. You need to open the question. Then there should be either a "Follow" or a "Save" button or hyper link you can left click or tap. 

    To FIND your followed questions, left click or tap either your user name or your avatar to go to your YA activity profile, NOT your Yahoo profile, then left click or tap "More" , then "Followed". 

    Verizon is changing the format on the mobile forums. I've saved this question. 

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