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Queien asked in HealthDental · 10 months ago

My dentist filed my tooth down until it was super thin and it ended up cracking and now it hurts a lot; can I sue?

I went in to get a filling replaced after it fell out on a vacation. The dentist replaced the filling but then decided he didn't like how two of my teeth lined up. He took a tool to one tooth, filing it down more and more. He even kept filing after he said it looked fine and they lined up nicely. Well, my tooth hurt after that day, but I thought it was just from the fresh filling bothering my mouth. But then the pain got worse, and now I can now feel a big crack in the back of it. Would this fall under malpractice? Could I sue over it?

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    have the dentist fix his f*up. And if not tell him a better dentist will fix it and HE can pay for it. I not talk to lawyer.

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  • 10 months ago

    You can attempt to sue for whatever you like. The real question you want to ask is "Will my lawsuit be successful..."

    That is something no one can answer. But, assuming you've spoken with another dentist who gave you this assessment and you have a good attorney, the odds are on your side that you would at least be able to seek compensation for whatever work is needed to repair the situation along with legal fees.

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