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How much water should I drink if I weight 90 pounds?

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  • 2 months ago

    Drink when you're thirsty and feel the need to hydrate like the rest of us do

  • Emizoo
    Lv 5
    2 months ago

    I'm 45 kilos and drink between 2-3 litres of water each day. 2 is the absolute minimum. I'll keep drinking as long as I still feel thirsty or could drink a bit more- especially in Summer. Also, if you exercise a lot then you should definitely be drinking more water.

  • 2 months ago

    Any easy way to figure this out is to divide your body weight (in pounds) in half. Drink that amount in ounces. For example, if you weigh 150 lbs then drink 75 ounces of water.

  • Olive
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    They always say drink half your body weight of water. 45 ounzes would be the right amount

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  • Murzy
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    45 oz a day .

  • Mike
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Same as you always did 8 glasses a day or more

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