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What was the error in Wardenclyffe tower, why wouldn't it work?

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    It was never finished.

    Supporters withdrew support.

    They wanted something other than what the designer wanted.

    He was trying to transmit wireless power for the benefit of the little person.

    The supporters were trying to transmit wireless information for the betterment of the stock market, etc., and the supporters.

  • Dixon
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    We do broadcast radio waves from towers all the time and it works just fine for sending information. The trouble with wireless broadcasting as a means of power distribution is that by definition, the power goes in all directions and so any single location can only recover a small fraction of the input power.

    TV and radio masts can easily broadcast several thousands of Watts but any household could only recover a fraction of a watt, it is tremendously inefficient. And when you consider that an electric fire is about 1kW per bar or an electric kettle is 1.5kW, the idea of broadcasting such that each house in a whole town has access to that much power, well it's crazy.

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    It probably works, but with what side effects? That's too much power? What's next, turn the Earth into a space ship and fly away? Of course we aren't ready for that yet...

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      He was trying to resonate the earth.

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    We still don't know if Tesla was right or wrong. His premise that the earth could be use for wireless transmissions seems silly now, but only because his (and other scientific minds of his time discounted radio waves in the air) has become the norm.

    The US military (USN at least) I think still is researching and possibly using Tesla's methods to communicate with submarines that run submerged.

    The big problem was funding. J. P. Morgan was the biggest backer and he got into financial problems. The panic of 1907 happened and with it the project failed.

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