Mom keeps tells me I need to break up with my bf?

So basically, my mom has always had a problem with me and anything that involves me. My last bf was an ***, treated me horribly and she never said anything. Her “motherly instinct” didn’t kick in then, but now all of the sudden when I find someone who treats me well and does what he can for me, sees marriage in our future and just overall wants the best for us and working hard to get that, she keeps saying “he’s not right for you” 😑 like what!? A man that wants to take care of me isn’t right for me? She keeps sayin it’s her “instinct” but I know for a fact it’s not that. I feel like she’s jealous that I have someone good and our dad treated her wrong and they’re divorced... been divorced and got married to the woman he cheated with. My mom has always treated me differently from my brothers and i feel like it’s because me and them have different dads and I was supposed to be an abortion (her words). My bf has never disrespected her me or anyone in our family. He’s trying his hardest to get us moved out, wanted multiple jobs (I’ll have one soon too) but nothing’s good enough for her when it comes to me. I’m tired of this, I love him, can’t wait to move out. So I guess I’m asking, should I listen to her about him? Should I do what I think is best for me? Do you think she’s just trying to control me and keep me here? Out of all her kids I’m the only one who has ever been made to do all the house work, cooking just everything and I feel like she just feels she’s loosing her maid.

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    Your mother isn't in a relationship with your boyfriend, you are. So leave it there. Who cares what she says? I wouldn't

  • 3 months ago

    Parents get scared when they suddenly realize their child might be leaving the nest. She's freaking out because you have a man who is willing to build a life with you.

    Not sure how old you are, but if you're still young (read:18-21) then she may also be concerned you're moving too fast. That's a valid concern for her to have. If you are in that age range there's no reason to move out and live with your boyfriend just yet.

    Sit down and have a mature, responsible conversation with her and show her you're mature enough to move out and that your boyfriend can provide a stable home for the both of you. If you lash out or accuse her of anything you're simply proving you're not ready to move out yet.

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      You are a legal adult and can do as you damn well please. If she doesn't like it that's too bad. At this age you don't need her approval or her permission.

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