People say that DC and Marvel comics were initially a kids thing. Why would they take something kid-friendly and turn it into adult stuff?

People say that DC and Marvel comics were originally a kids thing and then later on started making these comics for adults. Why would they take something child-friendly and turn it into adultish stuff? Thats like taking a movie like Finding Nemo for example and making an adult version of the movie and adding blood, profanity ,etc.

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    Marvel & DC are making films aimed at their current reader base, who are definitely not kids. The average age of comic readers these days is probably around 28-30 with many older fans who have been reading for decades. Given that comics are pretty expensive these days and not easily found outside of specialist shops, this is perhaps unsurprising.

    DC and Marvel comics were probably last written primarily for younger readers some time in the 1980s or 1990s. Public perception may still hold that comics are largely a kids thing, but it's not true today and has not been true for decades.

  • The People who say that never took the time to actually read Comic Books otherwise they would know that statement is erroneous. Some Comic Books were more focused on younger readers than others. Other Books focused on more mature readers. It's always been that way back to The 1940's.

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    The degree to which comics are or are not kid-friendly or ever were is debatable at best.  Even during the dark ages of the Comics Code Authority when the censors were supposedly in place to stop everything there were some pretty sick and twisted adult themed stuff sneaking through...and then you'd get the CCA stopping a PSA on drugs in comics form.  Like all censors, the CCA was inconsistent and bad at their job.  Maybe not as bad as the MPAA, but bad.

    But the main reason comics started getting more adult starting in the late 80s and into the 90s is because the audience was changing.  The kids who grew up on comics in the 60s and 70s stuck with it sometimes, but also you had the advent of the speculator boom triggered by news stories of people finding mint golden age comics in Grandma's attic and selling them for thousands.  

    And shortly thereafter you had something of a creative renaissance as increased creator freedom spread.  Comics had more teen readers and teens want more explicit stuff.

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    It wasn't exactly kid-friendly in the beginning. There was some adult elements. In the first Batman comics, he was willing to kill when necessary and even shot a vampire dead. In the first Superman story, he confronted a wife abuser.

    Comics were read by the general public, not just children. They were read by soldiers during World War II.

    They became more kid-friendly in the 1950s, when The Comics Code prohibited mature content and enforced moral standards.

    The Code's guidelines were loosened in the 1970s, to allow some adult content. The Code was abandoned years later, after Image Comics found success without the Code.

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    Children have enough brainless entertainment. Marvel explores mental issues with Legion, and DC through the Joker

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