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If a 26 year old Roman Catholic got 25 year old Presbyterian minster daughter pregnant after 3 years dating will he disown her?

We had sex outside marriage he worries or children will be raised Catholic he does like me but he wanted his daughter to date another Presbyterian minster son before me


She is really beautiful blonde hair blue eyes big boobs 38 DD and a charming fun-loving personality she not really religious like me. He did tell me recently that if plan having sex with his daughter to use a condom I did it failed or he will kill me.

Update 2:

She 25 if she wants to let me in her underwear it's none his business we are in love.

Update 3:

We want to keep it and get married & good-paying jobs. We are going to tell her dad before Sunday service at his church she 1-week pregnant yes we are pro-choice but she loves gift planted in her belly I am Irish and she is a Scottish girl Gaelic Celtic family. Keeping the baby tells her dad I'm here to stay she not marrying his friend who another Presbyterian minster son a strict Presbyterian who dislikes Catholics he jealous of our relationship as he liked her since childhood

Update 4:

He begged her to run away with him confronted him over the weekend told him to stop flirting with my GF or I will tell her dad and his dad and he constantly liking IG and FB photos making sexual comments that why we are announcing our engagement on top of the pregnancy news I am going rub it in his face saying its sin convent a neighbour wife she s mine my GF thinks he is a retard and perverted bigot.

Update 5:

I will say my GF with her sexy body she never going drop her pants for you you never going be in a relationship even if I die she hates you. I will lie say all the children being raised Roman Catholic with will drive him nuts.

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    Abort or keep it up to you he might disown her depends if he is anti-Catholic.

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    5 months ago

    A person can battle lust, abortion and the culture of death using the rosary and fasting. It is good to recite the rosary every day with care.

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  • 5 months ago

    Abortion solves your problem.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I don't know how he let it out of his sight, I'd be seeking satisfaction.

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