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Rock fans claim it is the best music overall, but why hasnt there been a hit song on the radio for over 20 years?

I think the last famous Rock song was like Avril Lavigne or Kid Rock or something...After that Rap and Pop music took over. Its been over 20 years and no catchy Rock song has been on TV . Did Rock music die or something.

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    The big music companies do not like any music that means the bands must have skilled members - and that is essential for Rock music. Skilled musicians can move from company to company and demand money, or even set up their own production companies; that became very common some years ago!

    The main method used by big music companies now is to make up acts that cannot exist without the company supporting and promoting them; a face or faces for the public to see, with the real musicians never seen.

    That allows the company to retain absolute control for far longer and make far more money, which is the only thing that interests them.

    I think that really took over in the girl band/boy band wave, with people who could put on a show but half the time could not actually sing or even mime in time during a supposedly live show - and never any actual musician in sight.

    That style seems to have started as pretty much clones of Top Of The Pops "Pans People" & similar dance groups, but pretending to _be_ the act rather than dancing to another acts music - even though they still are.

    The old idea of music company scouts looking for _good_ bands to sign died a death when they realised they could make more money without them.

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    Normies have been carefully conditioned into desiring only what is easily available and mass produced.

  • They musical snobs- see Mark Xl answers.

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    .Much of the Rock world has embraced the world wide internet instead of localized radio. It's unfortunate that your still stuck in obsolete radio mode because I don't think your up to finding it on your own, you seem lost. Pity

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    You're just listening to the wrong radio stations little girl.

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