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Is adjustment of status and immigration law or an immigration policy?


if so when was it created and is it in the constitution?

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    It is a policy. "adjustment of status and immigration" is ONE part of a process that one can do to get a an amount of stay time in America. It's not a process that an immigrant needs to do as there are other avenues to get rights to live and work in America. So it's not law but a policy.

    It is not in the constitution as the 14th amendment is for and was added after the emancipation proclamation which was for the purpose of African slaves bestowed of American right which is freedom and rights to be Americans. The 14th amendment is NOT intended towards the immigrants of today.

    However, it is true that the 14th amendment in the constitution was an amendment for the emancipation proclamation/freedom of slaves, it is being challenged that the amendment is for todays immigrants. Until it is established, you must answer in your homework that it is NOT in the constitution.

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    It's a Congress-created provision to immigration law, leading to a policy regulating a process in compliance with a law.

    Sadly, since you didn't tell you what kind of homework you are trying to do, it's hard to guess what answer they want to hear.

    Source(s): An immigrant from Europe, I live on the American Riviera and work as an attorney in Santa Barbara, California.
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