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Is Israel a totalitarian state?

According to the people who support Palestine, Israel is a fascist totalitarian dictatorship. Do you agree or not?

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    It isn't.

    It would be a mistake to call Israel a "fascist, totalitarian dictatorship". Israel is actually the freest of nations in the Middle East, much further than any of these adjectives than their neighbors.

    A totalitarian state quashes all political and cultural dissent, and forces absolute obedience to the government without question. Totalitarianism controls all aspects of life. If you go to Israel, you'll find some of the most independent, free-thinking individuals, some of who outright mock and insult the government daily. pretty much the opposite of what a totalitarian state is. You have people openly mocking Bibi, and Arab politicians in the Knesset itself (basically Israel's Congress) sh*t-talking the nation in which they hold citizenship. Constantly. Israelis in general are an informal bunch, who respect authority but will question everything especially if it disturbs them, which a subject of totalitarianism would be afraid to do. Israelis are free to pick their own course in life, move wherever they want within the nation, an express themselves openly and artistically without fear of censure. A good measure of this is the freedom the LGBT community feels bringing up their issues or outright identifying themselves, since a totalitarian state would quash such liberty.

    Fascism is outright a joke when you consider Israel's very recent elections and how close they've been. Fascism doesn't tolerate dissent, and the fact that a new party is showing strong support against the ruling, established one should give one actually making the claim that Israel is fascist some pause. Furthermore, fascism is defined by the lack of rights, where nothing is guaranteed. Israelis...have that, very much so. You cannot take away an Israeli's rights without expecting much blowback from them, and this applies to them universally including the Arab minority. Despite claims that they're "second class citizens", they only feel that way in social sphere where Jews and Arabs may not get along, but legally speaking any Arab Israeli has the same rights as any Israeli Jew.

    And as far as the dictatorship claim goes: While Bibi has been in office, cumulatively for almost as long as I've been alive, that's because he keeps on being elected. If Israelis overwhelmingly don't want him, then he'd be voted out. He's been feeling a lot of heat and criticism throughout his tenure as Prime Minister (itself showing the non-totalitarian, non-fascist elements of Israeli society) and the elections that literally happened yesterday only occurred because the previous ones were too close to call. A dictator doesn't face the sh*t Bibi does, receiving constant criticism and mockery that he cannot shut down, and elections that he's not guaranteed to (and very well may not) win.  Bibi may be called a dictator, but that's clearly by people who aren't looking at him objectively and overhyping his power.

    Really, it's good to find sources other than Palestinian advocates, who only benefit from denouncing Israel as such. Independent, nonpartisan organizations actually tend to classify Israel as very free, normally the most free nation in the Middle East. Israel does have its issues, but most people rather be there than many, many other places in the world where totalitarianism, fascism, and dictatorships are common. When you get down to the data and look at the details, you'll see that Israel is very much a part from those nations with these problems. 

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    Not important what I think. If Palestine thinks it a problem exists, which needs resolving.

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    Death to Palestine! Barukh ata Adonai Eloheinu, Melekh ha'olam, bo're p'ri hagefen

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    Is Israel a totalitarian State ?

    TOTALITARIAN STATE ( dictionary )

    a goverment that subordinates the INDIVIDUAL

    to the STATE and strictly CONTROL

    ALL ASPECTS of life by coercive measures ..

    .. that could be some residents and others perspective

    Source(s): dictionary
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    No, all Israeli citizens can vote; and 20% of Israeli citizens are Palestinian.  

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    "According to the people who support Palestine, Israel is a fascist totalitarian dictatorship..."

    That should be amended to read:

    "According to the people who are anti Israel, Israel is a fascist totalitarian dictatorship/Apartheid State/Nazi State/theocracy/etc."

    When they say either one of the above, it is not a statement of fact, but rather a form of name calling.

    It is childish, if nothing else.

    I should also note that the two sides are pro Israel vs. anti Israel, hence my other amendment.

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    Of course not.......

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    Ut I do support freedom for palestine.That the thing I don't like. Israel is the one of the few democracies in the middle east. But I don't see the freedom extended to Palestine.

    Have a palestine wide vote and that would settle it. Best that I can figure out.

    Source(s): Israeli settlement are constantly encroaching on Palestinian land. Making said land smaller.
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    If Israel is a totalitarian state, why are they counting ballots this morning? When was the last time Gaza had a free election?

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    They are counting votes from today's election.

    Arab citizens vote too.

    Does that sound like a dictatorship?

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    Lies and deception. Israel is a democratic country. Palestine is not.

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