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What is the MAIN reason to be married ? Sex?

based on the many questions and responses

and Religion, faith, god set aside in the question after that is accepted or dismissed. 

and considering all parties are healthy... I have seen so many reference to people injured.. I wonder how the world functions with so many people in extreme bad health 

and after having children is accepted or dismissed.  already have them or chosen not to have them. and everyone accept basic needs of children taken care of. 

Is sex the most important part of being married? If not what is more important? 

Is marriage all about financial needs of one person from the other? 

IF companionship; why is not a friend roommate adequate if Sex is dismissed as not important? 

make a 1 to 5 list of what is important and a list 1 to 5 that are not important to you at all 

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    Yes sex is important for your man and he needs to be serviced whenever he wants it's not only you cook and clean the house and raise kids in have more than that to do is making sure your husband nuts is drained on regular basis...good luck

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Sad list of answers - is it people have no courage or no knowledge

    Sex is # 1 

    the rest of the list are things you have when single and do not need to obligate your self and no sex is not being married  

  • Foofa
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    2 months ago

    People who've amassed wealth often want an easy way to transfer that to a part upon their own death and marriage is the cheapest way to do this. Additionally if a couple wants children sacrifices will have to be made...usually to the wife's career. So having the legal protections of marriage allows her to work less competitively, seeking flexibility rather than the highest paying job. Obviously you don't have to married to have sex so that's pretty much off the table entirely now. But the bottom line is that if you don't seek to share assets and you have no interest in children there really IS no need to get married (other than the tax breaks inherent to that condition). This is why so many successful professions entering second life stages (after divorce or widow(er)hood) live as unmarried partners rather than remarrying.

  • boj
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    2 months ago

    The main reason to marry is something that every person has to determine, define and discern for themselves. Its different for almost everyone. Take me for instance, i love being in love, giving love and i love being in a relationship.... those were my main reasons for marrying. I was fortunate to meet someone who thought the same & desired similar things from marriage as me.... the rest of it we compromise to make it work AND we dont place ridiculous expectations on each other like expecting the other person to make us happy, we bring/brought our own personal happiness to the other and the marriage.

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