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If cops see me drinking beer in a parked car will they ticket me?


In ca

Update 2:

To the people saying I will be arrested it’s an infraction

Update 3:

Is this is correct, will I do any time if I’m not over the limit? If not what’s the point of arresting someone who’s not drank?

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    Yes they'll charge you with open container! it doesn't make a difference if you're parked or not if you're inside of a motor vehicle with an open container of alcohol you're getting a ticket for open container. You can get plastic skins right off of eBay that only cost $0.25 that you can wrap around your container of beer that makes it look like a Coca-Cola or an orange drink or grape drink. If you're going to drink don't put your drink inside a brown paper bag they know it's a beer they're not stupid! But if you're holding a Coca-Cola in your hand or an orange crush or Sprite the cop ain't going to chase you down for it! And say hey let me smell your Sprite to see if it a beer.

    I bought an IBC root beer at the store and I was drinking it going home a cop pulled me over because an IBC root beer looks like a beer. I sat there right in front of him and guzzled it and I said please tell me that you didn't pull me over for this root beer I promise not to tell anybody really!

    • STEVEN F
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      Actually, they WILL check the camouflaged beverage. Disguising alcohol is a violation in its own right.

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    If there is an open container law, yes.

  • Anonymous
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    EDIT: Some RVs are registered as homes, you can drink all you want inside therm. Or in a trailer. 

    Otherwise, you can and will get a ticket for OC. You might get arrested, depends on circumstances (belligerent, obviously drunk. Not just an open beer you haven't drank from.) 

    An arrest" is Technically any stop, detainment  by a cop. If you ask: "May I go?" and he says :"No", it's An Arrest.Even an infraction,

    Those who say: "DUI" .. "same as DUI", "functional control..".. NO. Some states try to call it "DUI"  if key within reach of driver and over legal limit. If key in back seat, they cant.  Beware.  They  Legally have to see motor running. Takes good lawyer  to get them off your back, I know one who  plea bargained, the car was disabled, asleep in it. Parked in a Private lot. But that's AZ for you.. A Good lawyer  is $40K. No Public Pretender can get you off. Az makes $$ in Fed tax money off those sentenced to ADC

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      Judge Refused my right of change of venue due to his bias. No one is "proven" guilty., they are Found guilty. That's why I 'm appealling.

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    3 months ago

    yes if they want to

    if they want to they will shoot you down like a dog

    Source(s): Hillary Clinton
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  • Jahal
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    3 months ago

    If you're intoxicated in public it's against the law

  • Bruce
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    3 months ago

    In my state, you can be ticketed if the car is on public property. You can drink all you want on private property. I'm guessing most (if not all) states have similar laws.

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    In many states, if you have the ability to start the engine, and you have an open container of alcohol, you can be charged with either DUI or a lesser charge such as 'functional control of a vehicle'.

    • P & W3 months agoReport

      Some RVs are registered as Homes, you can drink inside one, cops cant do a thing.

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    its possible since they might think you might drive after

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    Ticket? No. They will arrest you for open container in a motor vehicle and suspicion of being in physical control of a motor vehicle while intoxicated. If you are over 0.08% you will be convicted and the conviction is the same as a DUI.

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      No such thing as:":suspicion of physical  control", You have  have to  BE in physical control; and, charge is DUI., Depending  on state, some can and will  if key is in easy access  of driver--on front mat, in ignition, etc. Not on rear seat.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Im not sure but they may keep an eye on you after doing so, so be careful lmao

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