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I see idiots starting to repeat the last idiot and lie and say the 5 day cusps now don't exist just cause they say so. So does that mean...?

Somebody born Sept 27 is just a Virgo and not a Libra at all or Jan 24 is just a Capricorn and not Aquarius? Because actually I've been saying those people are more that month's sign and act more like that month's zodiac's personality and even look like that zodiac of the month they were born in. But I think they do have a tiny bit of a mix the next sign's personality. So did they get rid of cusps? Or these are just idiots repeating other idiots like usual?

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  • 10 months ago

    I can't understand.....

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  • 10 months ago

    Lol, Are you waiting on The Creator of the Universe to answer ? These are just control freak human beings that read some books, quote their take on it and think you should subjugate yourself to astrology because they did.

    The blind leading the blind.

    Look, see it anyway you want. Astrology is not a is pseudoscience. It takes you nowhere in life, opens not one door and takes you further away from your truth. There are never any testimonies of how empowering it is. All you get is a fairytale because it is only fit for entertainment.

    Ultimately..Nobody can know you better than you can know yourself and life will show you what you are made of vs who you think you are or others say you are.

    Enjoy your day

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    "The kind which is detectable, measurable, and testable?"

    The Gauquelin evidence is detectable and measurable and you don't understand it (or much of anything else) so you say it doesn't exist. That's a priori reasoning: it can't be true, so it isn't true. Very scientific.

    "Ever find anything that astrology was mistaken or wrong? Or is astrology perfect?"

    Evangeline Adams (look her up) was once asked if she was infallible. She replied, "I am not infallible. Astrology is." This is the identical opinion of science worshipers.

    "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs."

    There are some really dumb and sensationally dishonest opinions among skeptics and this one might be at the top. A) There is zero scientific basis for this. B) It's lousy logic. A proof is a proof. Once something is proven that's it. It's proven. There is no such thing as extraordinary proof. What about evidence? Well by definition its the same thing. Evidence is evidence. It's valid or it isn't. Skeptics, though are particularly fond of moving the goalposts every time someone gets too close, and are finally reduced to making them impossible to reach. This makes discussion of evidence impossible and their a priori reasoning is left in tact. Is this dishonest or stupid? Either one will do.

    As for the question:

    "I see idiots starting to repeat the last idiot and lie and say the 5 day cusps now don't exist just cause they say so."

    You don't know what you're talking about, either.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    What is it about simple English that so many on this forum can't grasp? If you want to say something in English, then learn how to construct a simple sentence.

    As for cusps: in astrology, signs don't have cusps and never did. Take any astrology text written before, say, the 1950s and see if you can find one that mentions "cusps" the way that term is used around here..

    Astrological houses have cusps, that's the origin of the term. The word "cusp" comes from the Latin word "cuspis" which is the point or tip of a knife, spear, or sword. That's there the energy is concentrated.

    Astrologers used this term to describe the dividing line of houses (that isn't exactly true either, but it gets us too far afield to explain in depth). The second house cusp, is this point where the most energy of the house is concentrated. This is why astrologers say planets close to cusps are "stronger."

    Signs don't have dividing lines. When the tip of the Sun is calculated to touch 0 degrees of any sign, the Sun is said to be "in" that sign" until, 30 degrees away, it "hits" the tip of the next sign. Therefore, the Sun is not in two signs at once - ever. Five days puts the Sun at roughly 25 degrees of a sign, and to say the sign occupies part of the next sign at that distance is stupid.

    So why the brouhaha over cusp? Why keep extending this period backward? Individuals want to feel special, usually without doing anything special to warrant it. If there is one thing you cannot control during your life, it's your birth moment. So instead of being a "mere Virgo" like all the other Virgos, they try to engineer something special about themselves- like "being born on a cusp." It's like carrying around a sign that says "I'm a cusp. Don't you wish you were a cusp?" It's nonsense.

    The Sun is one part of the chart. In some charts it isn't even the most important part. So even if you believe in this cusp hogwash, it doesn't set anyone apart. You're ascendant is more important to the almighty personality anyway. It is possible to delineate a chart and not even mention the Sun. So it doesn't matter if it's near the next sign or not. People that talk about being "a cusp" are vastly ignorant of astrology. Even the famed Sun Sign Astrologer Linda Goodman, said as much.

    So all the "cusps" please step forward and give this a TD so you can remain indignant and ignorant.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    What makes Janet’s version any less of a scam? She can’t show astrology works and how it works. You have her say-so anecdotes, that makes it true. Started 'studying' in 1972. Find anything that qualifies as evidence? The kind which is detectable, measurable, and testable? Ever find anything that astrology was mistaken or wrong? Or is astrology perfect? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs. It’s not there.

    Astrology was created by adults to con adults that have disposable income. Children don’t care. Astrology isn’t taught in school. You really want to learn? Then you must pay.

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  • Janet
    Lv 7
    10 months ago

    The confusion happens because you are following “Sun-Sign astrology” which is not real astrology.

    The “Sign” you find from the month-day of birth is only the Sign that Sun appeared to be moving through on that day. Just 2% of the total astrological influence on a person. Okay .. an AVERAGE of 2% .. sometimes the influence of the Sun is more than 2%, sometimes it is less.

    The reason that Sun-sign astrologer persists is because it doesn’t take 2 hours of calculating 40-50 factors for the MOMENT that person was born, as the sky appeared from WHERE they were born. No … instead, just look up the month-day of birth on a list, and you get that 2% Sun-sign influence. It is not SUPPOSED to be astrology. Sun-signs are supposed to be “entertainment only” and you are not supposed to take them seriously … even BY those who write about Sun signs (assuming they have any basic understanding about astrology).

    As for cusps. They are a way to cover up getting the Sun Sign wrong. Because the dates for Sun Signs will vary, depending on the year of birth, the place and exact time THAT person was born. So it is common to get the Sun sign wrong.

    But since Mercury and Venus are never far from the Sun, you MIGHT have Sun in one Sign, and Mercury and/or Venus in the next-door Sign .. so you SEEM like BOTH Signs. And you ARE, but not because of Sun’s location.

    In truth, EVERYONE has ALL 12 zodiac signs active in their chart. It is just that whichever Signs had any of the 10 “planets” (including Sun) in them … those Signs will have more of an influence of your personality than the Signs which had no planets moving through them.

    Let’s take your example of someone born on September 24th:

    (1) SOME years Sun leaves Virgo and enters Libra SOMETIME during September 22nd, and OTHER years, it makes this change sometime during September 23rd. So anymore one born before Sept 22 has Sun in Virgo. And after Sept 23, their Sun is in Libra. IF born on either Sept 22 or Sept 23, the ONLY way they can find out WHICH Sign THEIR Sun was in , is to do up their unique birthchart, using the exact hour-minute of birth, the full birthdate (including year), and the location of their birth. Cusps are bogus.

    (2) Let’s say someone was born Sept 24, 2019. They have:

    Sun in Libra

    Moon in either Pisces or Aries, depending on their actual birth time and

    Birth location

    Mercury in Libra

    Venus in Scorpio

    Mars in Aquarius

    Jupiter in Scorpio

    Saturn in Capricorn

    Uranus in Taurus

    Neptune in Pisces

    Pluto in Capricorn

    They could have ANY of the 12 zodiac Signs rising on the eastern horizon,

    again depending on the birth time and birth location.

    The “aspects” (distances) between the planets is FAR MORE important than

    Signs, and everyone born on that date will have their planets in different Houses … but I don’t want to burden you with too much detail.

    NOTE that this person ONLY has 2 out of 10 planets in Libra, so they will not be much LIKE a Libran.

    (3) Compare this with someone born Sept 24 in 2000:

    Sun in Libra

    Moon in Leo

    Mercury in Libra

    Venus in Libra or Scorpio, depending on the time and place of birth

    Mars in Virgo

    Jupiter in Gemini

    Saturn in Gemini

    Uranus in Aquarius

    Neptune in Aquarius

    Pluto in Sagittarius

    They have 2, maybe 3 planets in Libra … and a LOT of planets in Air Signs, so they will be much more like a Libra than the person born in 2018.

    When it comes to astrology, I am not an idiot. My mother was an astrologer. I started studying astrology in 1972, and later wrote and passed the examination for Professional Certification from the American Federation of Astrologers.

    Forget about Sun-sign astrology. It is a scam only.

    Forget about cusps. They are a tool of the scammers.

    Go to or café and put in YOUR complete birthdata (make sure the birthtime is precise and not rounded-off to the nearest hour or half-hour), and starting using REAL astrology.

    And understand that you cannot do astrology about anyone UNLESS you have their full birthdata (date/time/place), and that the Signs are not NEARLY as important as the “aspects” between planets. So don’t even be THINKING that someone is ONE Sign.

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