Need some advice on Biometric enrolment.... for my daughters Uk citizenship.?

Been though all the paperwork and finally got a PDF from the Home office saying she needs to go through Biometric enrolemnt as the demand was made from France she got an appointment, which I haven't yet made, for this in Paris On the Letter from the home office it says one of the possibilités is Via the Post office in the UK with out and appointment. I called the help line and the guy said I had to send a mail asking to do this... and got a No- reply saying they would contact me in 10 days.... the last 10 days turned out to be 6 weeks...... Problem is that she only has 30 working days to make the Biometric enrolment..... Anybody out been through the same stuff?

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  • 10 months ago

    For anybody out there with the same dilemma. I just got a reply from the home office confirming that she CAN go to a Brit post office with the original PDF they sent her....

  • Maxi
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    10 months ago

    Stop messing around and make the appointment in Paris as it is not possible to use the PO in the UK

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  • 10 months ago

    If you are in Paris you cannot do this through a British Post Office. You need to follow instructions and get her Permanent Residence card there via an appointment.

    Otherwise you can wait till you are in the UK if she has another EU member country passport that she can use to enter the country but do not wait past 31st October.

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