Do you feel uncomfortable around Taurus?

I feel bullied by them. Like, they always prefer Leo or other people above me. It's like the Scorpio sign. LOL.

I don't know which sign would side with me, I prefer Gemini and Cancer, they usually have my back. x

I am an Aquarius.
Update: Actually Libra is my favourite or someone who is Libra dominant. But I don't like the Pisces placements in the person, as it makes them side with Leos. x
Update 2: Basically anyone who likes fixed signs, I do not like. I like Aquarius.
Update 3: I just feel they are more into wanting me to do things for them rather than be there for me, and I think that's perhaps tolerable when you are fully fine, but if you are in the process of healing perhaps you should avoid them and look for someone a bit more nurturing.
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