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What would you do in a situation like this?

My bf and I have been in a relationship for 4 years.At the beginning we first met, he was telling me that he still misses his ex from time to time bcshe did everything for him(they were together for 4 years). Like an idiot I did shrug it off because we were friends. He did ask me to be with me a couple months later and shortly after, I began getting texts from numbers claiming he is cheating on me with his ex. This has happened 3x.

first time, person couldn t answer basic questions about him or his ex, so we came to the conclusion it was false and she no longer lives in the same state as us. The 2nd and 3rd time it was a friend of mine who did for reasons unknown. He did try to play it off like I was insecure bcof her but I m not, I just wanted the truth. We had moved passed it and recently I saw for myself that he had liked tht same ex s pictures and posts on social media the first 1.5 years of our relationship.Idk if I m over reacting but I m hurt, embarrassed, and feel disrespected. I feel like I cut off everyone , ex s included so why not give me that same respect. Now I feel like he was using me to get over his ex. He was in my and my family s faces saying he loves me but was still dwelling on his ex. He was quick to try and get money from my settlement but couldnt be upfront.

He did contradict himself when it was brought up. Told me he didn t remember it happening but in the same breath told me it happened so long ago. I just kind of feel like trust has been broken.

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    Me? I would stop trolling and I would learn how to use basic English grammar.

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    • choko_canyon
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      That was perfectly proper sentence structure for conversational text and is nowhere near as egregious as the poster's horrific grammar desecration. I guess that was you who wrote that mess, right?

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  • Pam
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    Girl, you are letting yourself GET PLAYED!! This dude is clearly playing you!!! You see all the signs and red flags but you ignore them and believe his sweet talk. Cut ties with him and keep it moving. Nothing good will come from this "relationship". It's not over because it never really began. He used you to get over her.

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      Thank you! I had to make a new email but I was thinking this. I shouldn't have agreed to be with him and put myself in this mess. Thank you for not being an as* like the other person and actually answering my question.

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