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Got caught by an undercover state boy doing 45 over!!!? Pennsylvania?

So I come up the ramp and there is no yield sign so I assumed that I was in a new Lane and didn't have to yield. After a while I realize the lane does end, there's a car in my blind side so I sped up to pass and get over. I then get in the left lane and started speeding (90 in a 70)soon after I see lights behind me I pull over thinking damn I'm gonna have a ticket. The cop is pretty rude (with good reason) but I'm very nice. He says I'm getting a ticket for careless driving because I did not yield to traffic I flew up the ramp and passed people pretty much then here comes the wammy. He said I was going almost 50 over!!! I **** a whole brick. I wasn't even playing dumb I was actually dumb I said WHAT?? he said there was many signs I missed (which I did) and it was ridiculous for me to be going that fast. He then said he was going 78 (wtf? In a 55?) And I passed him. I was very nice throughout the whole thing and extremely apologetic. He takes my license back to his car for 1-2 minutes and comes back and says the computer is down and he scolds me for 5-10 minutes telling me I could lose my license. B/c the comp was down no ticket he said they would send me it in the mail but I didn't sign anything or get like any confirmation? I'm 19 this is my first time pulled over, what can I expect? I'm disgusted I could ruin my dad's insurance really hate myself. He's gonna murder me when I tell him. READ UP YOUNG PEOPLE PAY ATTENTION ON THE ROAD don't be like me :(

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    The "boy" caught a boy being stupid, get over it!

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    You are busted.

    Now days they have the technology to prove the case.

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    Tell your dad, because you're probably going to want to hire a traffic ticket lawyer, to see if they can try and get the cop to bring it down to a lower violation (because careless driving is a pretty serious traffic ticket, usually lots of points on record possibly even could get license suspended even) so definitely should tell your dad, and explain what happened, and see if you can get a lawyer. As an experienced lawyer may be able to get it dismissed, as sometimes if its a first time offense, they may let you agree to take traffic school and pay a smaller fine along with a dismissal, for purposes that it doesn't give you a point on your record for insurance, etc. However, usually, at least where I live, they don't offer that if it is careless or reckless driving, but depends on where you are. And so hence, why should talk to a lawyer about it. Look for somebody with lots of experience, as they may have knowledge of what to best do in your situation, and what your options are, so you aren't totally effed.

    How did he gauge your speed by the way? Did you ever find that out? Because some of those methods aren't the most reliable and if 90 is careless driving, but 89 would just be a speeding ticket, that's a pretty big deal, especially if it could mean the difference between having the opportunity to get a dismissal if you agree to pay a small fine and take traffic school for a first time offense, and not being able to have that option. So better get a lawyer or something who knows how to best address your situation.

    Sometimes the cop doesn't show up. But I bet he will since its careless driving. I once got a ticket for some stupid thing like passing on a double yellow line, and then after he pulled me over for it, and I had to show him my license registration and insurance, I accidentally gave him one of my old insurance cards, as I never took it out from my glove box and I just got new cards, and I must have grabbed the wrong one. So when he came back and said that, I then frantically am digging for the other one, and right as I found it, and tried to give him my new card, he just said, "too late, I already wrote the ticket." The ticket was super high. That was messed up, but was just a "fix it ticket anyways" But I was like, what an effing ******! Cop then never showed up for court. So got my double line passing one dismissed too.

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      He didn't tell me he only said he was going 78 and I was going 90.. like I said he gave me little too no information left me very confused cause I didn't realize you could speed gun while driving

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    Actually the right traffic lane is supposed to yield to merging traffic (due to an on ramp, lane ending, etc.) unless the yield sign is placed to the right of the merging driver. (signs that apply to specific traffic lanes are always placed to the right of the lane or lanes they apply to by convention.) This is due to the fact that as you are required to accelerate to highway speeds to merge, you may not be able to stop if you have someone behind you. so the officer here actually misinterpreted the traffic law, and this is worth showing up in court to fight. Depending upon what state you are licensed in, some states make it unlawful to serve a traffic summons in the mail via BMV policy.

    • Frank3 months agoReport

      Licenced in PA, and I was in the far right lane when it merged into the other

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