Does anyone know which comedian did this bit?

Recently I remembered a scene from a comedy special I saw a long while back, but I can t seem to remember which (male) comedian did this bit, nor can I remember the name of the comedy special. This is the general idea:

Kids don t focus on physical apperance as much as adults do. For instance, say there was a veteran who lost his arm/leg in an explosion. Adults would try to avoid all interaction with him and they would try to avoid eye contact. A kid would go up and ask "sir, what happened to your arm/leg?" The guy would be like, "I lost it in an explosion." Then the kid would just be like, "oh okay. Hey look at my socks!"

I don t remember any more. I have a feeling this is something from Jeff Dunham or Gabriel Iglesias, but I can t seem to recall where it could be from.

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