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Why is the future of Superman in the DC Extended Universe?

I mean, Henry Cavill has quit! I heard that he quit because the studio refused to make more solo Superman movies! Or the studio fired him because he was being a diva and demanding too much money! Then on top of that, Ben Affleck has also quit as Batman! The entire DCEU is a MESS!

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    Ben Afflect left due to creative differences I read and I wouldn't be surprised it was true. DC havnt made the best choices when it comes to directors. Only decent director they got was for Aquaman, hence why it's the only positively received DCEU film to date. DC have better TV shows. Where's Marvel have better films than TV shows. DC need to take more care on who there hiring in the directors chair and then they might get somewhere.

  • 11 months ago

    The DCEU apparently is going to adopt a less cohesive plan for their films, meaning that while the MCU is more connected, the DCEU will become more standalone and allow for Elseworld/alternate universe stories like the upcoming Joker film.

    Currently, Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman 1984 is in post-production for 2020 releases. The Suicide Squad sequel and The Batman reboot with Robert Patterson will begin shooting next year for 2021 releases. Aquaman (the most financially successful film of the DCU) will get a sequel and a Trench spinoff in the near future.

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