Can you derestrict a lance Cabo 50 Cdi?

I have a new lance Cabo 50 scooter/moped. I looked at the cdi box and unplugged the wire that a lot of people said was the rev limiting wire. I still topped off at 42mph as I did before removing the wire. But I noticed the scooter sped up a lot faster after unplugging the wire. I had a few questions. 1- is it ok to unplug something from the cdi as long as the scooter still runs? I’m scared by removing the wire it’s gonna make the scooter break down somehow.

2- did I maybe remove the wrong wire? I looked at the lance Cabo specs and it said they topped out at 30 restricted. Mine goes 40. I wanna at least get to 45 to keep up with traffic. So if it’s 40 restricted right now , is it possible to just remove a wire to get some more speed?

3- if I buy a aftermarket cdi without a speed limiter will I be able to hit 45? And does an aftermarket cdi cause any problems with the scooter?

2 Answers

  • 4 months ago

    Like dude, even if you reach stoichiometric perfection, 50 cc's is 50 cc's.

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    "I’m scared by removing the wire it’s gonna make the scooter break down somehow"

    I am sure it will be fine. Manufacturers are notorious for fitting redundant equipment to their product they like paying manufacturing costs that they don't need.

    FFS if you do not know what you are doing then do not randomly remove wires on the advice of online strangers.

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